FREE offline GPS navigation app for Android and iPhone

Available on App Store and Google Play


Simple, fast, reliable and free


Multi-language voice navigation
Lane-guidance assistant
GPS / Glonass ready


Free offline maps stored on your device
3D buildings for better orientation
Worldwide coverage
OpenStreetMap ©

Route Calculation

Accurate and fast route calculation
Distance and ETA for your routes
Offline planning


POI search based on location
House number search
Smart keyboard
Search history


Navigates in 33 languages
Customizable map colors
Adjustable interface
Day / Night mode

Online Services

Weather forecast
Exchange rates

Wherever you go

The new version of be-on-road presents new features and is based on new architecture which brings high level of reliability, portability and speed on almost any kind of device. The new be-on-road brings high value voice guided door-to-door navigation.

  • Maps are stored on the device for offline use.
  • Both app and maps are updated for free.
  • FREE license for OpenStreetMaps.


Are you experiencing a problem with be-on-road? First please check out the list of frequently asked questions below, it might already provide relevant answer. If you can't find a solution there, do not hesitate to contact our technical support.

Why is application downloading additional data on startup?

Application may need to download additional data after installation (or update) from Google Play or App Store. Data is downloaded on application startup and its size may be up to tens of MB. We strongly recommend to complete installation (or update) procedure by launching be-on-road immediately after installation (or update) from Your store, so that you can later use the navigation without internet connection.
We also recommend to disable automatic updates on Google Play and update application manually only when you have Wi-fi connection available.


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